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Anna Taratiel with the New Electra School in Spain.

Yayoi Kusama

She ends our phone calls with one word

My grandmother is here today, and next week we’ll be celebrating her 95th birthday. We talk more on the phone now that I’ve moved out to California. But one thing that’s stuck with me is she always ends our phone calls with one word: “Excelsior,” which means “ever upward.”

Drew Houston

Read Lee / 2011. wangzhihong
"In my next life I want to live backwards,” Woody Allen wrote. “You start out dead and get that out of the way… You wake up feeling better everyday… You work until you’re young enough to enjoy retirement. You party… You play…You become a baby until you are born… You finish off as an orgasm."

My Next Life is This Life

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Erosion and Typography, Wolfgang Weingart.
Hideki Nakajima.
Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA. 11/7/12 12:34 am.

Let’s not forget this feeling.

Tibor Kalman on What Is Said

After 15 or 20 years I discovered that design is just language and the real issue is what you use that language to do. Now I’m at a point where I’m tired of talking about what kind of accents to use. I want to talk about the words that are being said.

What is said determines who listens and who understands. Graphic design is a language, but graphic designers are so busy worrying about the nuances - accents, punctuation and so on - that they spend little time thinking about what the words add up to. I’m interested in using our communication skills to change the way things are.

via Eye Magazine

Laura Plageman's Response to Print of River Bend, Texas, 2011